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History of the City

Rijeka is the administrative and cultural centre of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County and the third largest city in Croatia with regard to the number of inhabitants. The city is situated along the course of Rječina River and nearby numerous streams. It lies on abundant sources and confluences. Like numerous cities in the world, Rijeka carries the symbol of water in its name.

CTC Rijeka

For 25 years now, Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka has been offering programs whose main goals are raising IT and technical literacy of all citizens. Our programs of non-formal education are attended by children, youth, adults and pensioners. Through educational programs, courses and workshops we strengthen the idea of life-long learning in our participants, and thanks to our adequately furnished premises our programs are accessible to everyone. We encourage our participants to be creative, to engage in teamwork, to face and solve problems, to be sensible to persons who are different, to be tolerant and to spend their free time in a better way. Besides our regular program of IT education for children, youth and adult citizens, CTC Rijeka has been successfully carrying out programs of sensitization and socialization of socially excluded groups (pensioners, war veterans, persons with disability).

Kreativni kolektiv Kombinat

Creative Cluster Kombinat is a group of young freelance professionals engaged in the development and realisation of projects in the field of creative industries. We operate in the communication (visual and textual solutions as well as public relations) artistic and organisational field. With our work we strengthen social practices that lead towards the development of diversity, collaboration and trust. Udruga PRAPUTNJAK - kulturni krajolik / Association PRAPUTNJAK - cultural landscape ( A road surrounded by some 200 houses, with 500 inhabitants and the territory spreading from the sea line to the high mountain peaks – Praputnjak is a small village close to the city of Rijeka, Croatia. It stands out as an interesting example of the community of past times: where harsh karst landscape carved the way people led their lives – living in harmony with nature and logic of space in order to survive. The village is best known for the cultural landscape of dry-stone terraces – Bakarske prezidi which are the first recognized cultural landscape in Croatia, protected by the Ministry of Culture. It is also a site where grapes for the famous sparkling vine of Bakarska vodica are cultivated. At the certain point in time, the two presented a interesting business endeavour – allowing locals to prosper, build a strong community and educate their children. Today, people are estranged. All the past wars and global changes are taking their toll. Our association's goal is to make our heritage, our cultural landscape a platform to reestablish connection between locals and their surroundings – with nature, genius loci and especially with one another – making Praputnjak an example of sustainable society as it once was. Association Praputnjak – cultural landscape is creating program, bringing together multiple organizations under one roof as one of the 27 neighbourhoods of  ECOC - Rijeka 2020.

The Association for the Development of Art, Culture and Education RUKE

The Association for the Development of Art, Culture and Education is a non-governmental association founded in 2016.with the goal of stimulating artistic creation and non-formal education in arts and culture. The association is operating in the fields of art, culture, education, democratic political culture, international cooperation, education, science and research in Rijeka. The association consists of two programs - Benčić Youth Council (BYC), non-formal education in arts and culture program for children and youth; and Citizens to Their City - a platform for mediating artistic, cultural and educational programs. Through the BYC program, the association is a partner in the the program line Brick House, Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture.

Natural History Museum Rijeka

Natural History Museum Rijeka is a regional specialized museum that was established 72 years ago in Rijeka. Museum’s main activities include collecting, researching and interpreting natural heritage of broader region, as well as communicating the heritage to audience and public. Today the Museum takes care of about 90.000 samples in 28 collections, registered as protected cultural heritage of Republic of Croatia. The Museum staff counts 13 highly motivated and expert staff members, among whom there are 7 biologists and 1 geologist that are engaged in scientific and expert research. The Museum is proud of its intensive education programme and strong bond with the local community, where the Museum holds numerous guided tours, around 350 workshops for different target groups, 50 popular science lectures etc. and is one of the leaders in introducing new technologies and services into Croatian museum practice. Recently the Museum started operating in the 16th century Castle of Zrinski in a small town of Brod na Kupi in mountainous Gorski kotar part of Croatia and is motivated to find the best appropriate ways to correlate with the local community.

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