Expected Results

There are two different expected results.
On one hand, the digital invasions itself, will allow participants to learn the fundamental concepts in the field of digital communication, reducing the lack of digital skills among the participants. Digital invasions will apply the principles of the digitalization of production systems, digital storytelling and web-marketing, to promote cultural heritage in order to make it more accessible and competitive at local and international level, enhancing the tangible and intangible cultural heritage itself and the participants’ development in a completely new way. The digital invasions are the holder of the good practice and of the strategic know-how necessary for its transfer to operators and abroad.

And on the other hand the operators and partner organizations will have new tools for community involvement in enhancing cultural heritage, as well as the consolidation of the dialogue with the local authorities. This dialogue, will enhace a common line of action at European level that will be identified for the involvement of citizens in the promotion of cultural heritage.