Best post #DIGINVCyprus

Best post #DIGINVCyprus

The photos with the most likes was from the Instagram Account asi_minac which received 1108 Likes. This account also 697 likes for the second photo and 554 likes for the third most popual photo with the hastags #DIGINV #DIGINVCyprus






The 4th-5th and 6th positions with 448, 440 and 387 likes respectively were those from the Instagram account emilianamas






The 7th position with 162 likes went to mariliaioannou23

The 8th positition with 143 likes to gaitanou.elina

The 9th position with 109 likes to Antonis Zarintas

and the 10th place with 97 likes to stefania_pallicarou